Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fast Willie Jackson-1976

FAST WILLIE JACKSON is remembered as a black version of Archie but while the art certainly gives that impression, the story and the "gags" here certainly do not. Note the character "Jo-Jo" who seems to be a pretty definite rip-off of the popular JJ character from TV's GOOD TIMES which premiered in '74.

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  1. The GCD lists the art as being by Gus LeMoine, who was one of Archie's house artists, thus the art looking alike to the Archie style. Lettering's by Archie's in-house letterer Bill "Saburo" Yoshida, which also contributes to the Archie-ish look of this story.

    PS: Speaking of Archie, could you post "The Specialty" from Pep #342, only because it has an art style that's unlike anything else I have in my Archie collection.