Thursday, November 10, 2016

Betty and Veronica-??-1966

Nothing special about this typically bland JOKE BOOK one-pager except the artist. I have no idea who it is and was wondering if anyone out there might have a clue? It's a style I don't recall seeing in an Archie comic before.


  1. Could be it was some aspiring young talent who knew full well that to work for Archie meant to become Dan DeCarlo; this may have been someone's "audition."

  2. Some things about it (especially the middle panel) remind me of Al Hartly on Patsy Walker. Could this be an early attempt by Hartly to do the DeCarlo style? I don't know when Patsy ended and he went to Archie for good, but that still a few years in the future I think...

  3. Neal Adams did some of his earliest work for ARCHI.
    Looks a lot like his.

    1. Neal's work was in '59, though, and this was 7 years later. Coulda been a reprint I suppose.

  4. The Adams theory has some merit, but no way were B&V wearing those itty-bitty two-piece suits in '59. However, the suits could have been updated for a reprint. It's fascinating what sometimes generatess commentary on this site!