Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cmdr. Glenn Merritt-Murphy Anderson-1970

MAJOR MATT MASON COMICS! According to a later letters column, that's what this was supposed to be. The Major and his astronaut and alien cohorts--including Sgt. Storm and Captain Lazer--had been immensely popular toys for several years when DC was supposedly hired by Mattel to do them as a comic. Somehow or another that never happened but, rather than waste the art, a few adjustments were made and we had this 2 part adventure with Cmdr. Glenn Merritt, his sidekick Sgt. Tempest (as in storm) and an alien named Captain Quasar.  


Smurfswacker said...

LOVE that Murphy Anderson art! This being a Mattel-based comic I was surprised to see the heroes beating on each other. In Italy Major Matt Mason appeared in a story or two for one of the kid's weeklies (Corriere dei Piccoli, I think), but they were nowhere near as slick as this.

José Thiesen said...

Hi! Love your post, but I thing the first two pages of the second part are missing.
Best wishes!

Steven Thompson said...

Thanks! They were purposely left out. Since it was split into a two-parter, those pages simply recapped what happened in part one with no new art. I just cut to the continuation of the story.