Thursday, September 22, 2016

John Doe-Paul Reinman-1962

Some solid work by the oft-maligned Paul Reinman, a veteran of DC's superheroes and here soon to become the "Jack Kirby" of Mighty Comics just a few years later.


Unknown Yamaguchi said...

I first knowingly encountered Paul Reinman in the Thunder Agents and found him a distinct let down from Wally Wood and Steve Ditko... nor was I intially impressed by Odgen Whitney.

However, I did find the stories by both of them readable, and as I get older I find that more important than a surfacely flashy art style.

Though flashy art styles are still fun, too.

Unknown Yamaguchi said...


Not to suggest that Wood or especially Ditko were all style and no substance.

In fact, the flashiest artist in the Thunder Agents was crazy ass Manny Stallman, another artist I now like a lot more than I initially did.

Booksteve said...

I, too, have developed a great affection for Manny that I sure never had as a kid!