Thursday, July 14, 2016

Two-Gun Kid-Joe Maneely/Jack Davis-1958

I had never caught this before until someone mentioned it on Facebook the other day. The splash page above is generally considered to be the very last work by the great Joe Maneely. The artist was killed in an accident before he could do the rest of the story and the remaining pages were drawn by the great Jack Davis.


  1. Don't usually read Westerns, but was an enjoyable read...
    a pleasant day to you and yours.

  2. Steve; You sure the splash was Maneely's last job? My recollection is that occasionally splashes were deliberately done by different artists. If I recollect, it was relatively common at Timely.

    1. Yes. I got the info from Atlas expert Doc Vassallo. Judging by the job number and the issue date, he would have picked up this assignment just before his accident.

  3. Many thanks for posting this.
    I've long-wondered about the real story behind Maneely's fall. The thought of his corpse still clutching his portfolio never fails to evoke shudders...