Friday, February 6, 2015

Red Rube-Ed Robbins-1943

Let's see here. A young orphan who works as a newsboy yells the name of his hero out loud and transforms into...Red Rube!?!! Yep. This shirtless wonder is one of the few MLJ superheroes who--to the best of my knowledge--has never been revived. While it may sound much like Freddy Freeman's backstory, our young protagonist is drawn to very much resemble Billy Batson.


  1. All the other kids think he's a spy
    He's got...Billy Batson eyes.

  2. Presenting comicdom's only Communist carny roustabout...RED RUBE!

  3. Shouting "Hey, Rube" is the "Carny 911" - the distress call for carnival workers.