Monday, November 10, 2014

Jaguar-Jack Lane-1946

Looks like this was a one-shot superguy just as interest in same was starting to wane a bit. GCD says Jack lane was the writer (although it could be a house name) but doesn't speculate on the artist. Kind of looks familiar, though. Reminds me of early Jim Mooney in spots. Anyone care to weigh in?


  1. Like you, I thought Jaguar/Jaguar Man only appeared once.
    But he made another appearance in Fox's All-Great Comics as shown here...
    So that's two.
    Note that Jaguar's secret identity in the other tale is named "Steve Lane", though still a zookeeper, and his partner is a black jaguar named Ebony.
    Wonder if there's any more (and which one came first)?

  2. I am no expert but I think early Mooney was not as cartoon-like as the offering we see here, Note the villains. I have not seen that much early Mooney but what I have seen is mostly for ACE and heroes like Lash Lightning. Still, I think his style was less cartoonish.