Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Man Who Couldn't Be Reached-Bernie Krigstein-1956

Here's quirky stylist Bernie Krigstein with a sci-fi tale that might almost be called--visually at least--a superhero tale! The anti-climactic ending seems to be that way on purpose, which makes for a most interesting story.


  1. …for those who want to have their individualism and technocratically eat it too.

  2. Krigstein's almost cinematic-frame-like paneling, in full force here. Page 3 is a brilliant example of it's use, and you can see all the extra work involved, and you wonder why he got so miffed at the lower page rate at Atlas!

    As Daniel said, the story is a bit muddled, it leads you in one direction only to spring the "democratically elected" stuff at the end, which nullifying everything that came before, even though it was technically all a trick to find a replacement. That's a whole lot to swallow!