Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kid Carrots-St. John-1955

Some lovely use of perspective in this beautifully cartooned strip. Somebody help me out on who the artist might be. Certainly too proficient for what appears to be a a one-off, inconsequential back-up strip like this. 


  1. Hi Steve - can you tell me what comic this story is from? I thought the one and only appearance of Kid Carrots was in his self-titled one shot comic from Sept. 1953. This story is not in that comic. Where was he a backup feature? Thanks for posting this and thanks for any info. I once wrote an article for a comic book publication about this character (late 1980s, Comic Book Marketplace, don't remember which issue).

  2. Actually, Kid Carrots popped up in a number of one-pagers in LITTLE EVA. I want to say this is also from LITTLE EVA (one of my favorite St. John titles) but I can't find it right now to be sure. I'll keep checking.