Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Strongman-Crash Comics-1940

Here's an endearingly generic superhero story with a yacht club mystery man whose super power seems to be making the yellow plate fade away every few pages. A cost cutting move perhaps? Or are those pages just bleached from age more than the others? Doesn't make a lot of sense to give your hero a partly yellow costume and then print without the yellow plate but hey, early comics didn't make a lot of sense anyway.


  1. That's what's wrong with comics today. Nobody hangs around the yacht club between adventures. Wearing a monocle.

  2. Yikes. Every thing about this--from the "secret yogi exercises" nonsense to names like "Swellport" and "Don Amigo" to Our Hero letting Don Amigo lead the citizenry into a mass slaughter AND inviting his toffee-nosed acquaintences at the Yacht Club to be arrested and executed while he sits on his's just astounding.

    Wherever that shell landed, I'm sure somebody's day came to an early end...but the canal was saved from extensive repair work, so, yaaay! STRONGMAN!!

    1.      I'm sure somebody's day came to an early end


    2. The writer evidently decided that one doesn't let villains such as Sanchez and the General go to waste. He or she wisely allows for the possibility of their return, perhaps to menace the Suez Canal, or the Erie Canal, or the Dover Straits.