Monday, December 23, 2013

Scribbly and the Red Tornado-Sheldon Mayer-1942

We had a request for this one and I'm not one to turn down a request for Sheldon Mayer! His SUGAR & SPIKE title was a great favorite of my younger self and his earlier work is just as good! Although Scribbly is baed on mayer, this special 4th wall-breaking installment features SM himself as well!


  1. I've seen some people go into a blind rage at the very mention of Ma Hunkel, but I love these Scribbly and the Red Tornado stories. Thanks for posting--especially since the file names clued me in on a certain torrent that I hope someone will seed...but I'd still buy a real archive in a heartbeat, just like I got the JSA All Star Archives with its small handful of Hunkel stories.

  2. Thanks, Steve. It's a great story!

  3. How can anyone not love this strip and still call themself a fan of comics....I would throw down my money in a heartbeat for a Red Tornado/Sheldon collection!