Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dana Andrews-Bill Everett-1950

I grew up knowing actor Dana Andrews for his anti-drinking PSAs long before I discovered his wonderful performances in films such as LAURA and NIGHT (CURSE) OF THE DEMON. For the latter, his name was immortalized in the theme form THE ROCKY HORROR (PICTURE) SHOW, This bio-story, from MOVIE LOVE, is drawn by an artist with his own well-publicized alcohol problem, the great Bill Everett, creator of The Sub-Mariner!


  1. Fascinating. I've never seen this comic strip. I wish I had while writing my biography HOLLYWOOD ENIGMA: DANA ANDREWS.

  2. Wow!!!! Talk about enlightening! I had a dream I'd see this last night--well, a kind of day-dream at night--while watching Dana Andrews in a pic on TCM where he has two
    selves. Which was kind of hard to swallow. But this? Yeah--what a great story! If only Dana Andrews had been born poor and stupid--well, this could probably get funded right now as a feature film!