Friday, December 7, 2012

Grimly Feendish-Smash-1966

For those that somehow expect all British humor to be of the caliber of THE GOON SHOW, BEYOND THE FRINGE or MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS...or even THE BENNY HILL SHOW or MR. BEAN, here's Uncle Fester lookalike, Grimly Feendish from SMASH to prove you wrong.


  1. I was first exposed to British comic books by way of The Penguin History of Comics (a book whose text I cannot recommend). My thought was and remains that, at least well into the '70s, these things would have made me miserable as a child.

    (At some later point, rather more interesting stuff began to appear across the pond.)

  2. I think you're missing the glorious artwork, no? I grant you the gags are groaners, but that's some top-notch cartooning right there. Wasted on kids, frankly!

  3. Actually, Smash! was a comic for kids of about 7 to 12, and Grimly Feendish was a creation of the legendary Leo Baxendale. The strip usually had something to recommend it, but the example you've printed seems to be the work of another artist, possibly Mike Brown or Terry Bave, although I'm not sure. Leo's art was always a delight to behold, with lots of little sight-gags happening in the background.

  4. Character reminds us of the film "Despicable Me"...
    the nose is not the same, though.....