Friday, November 30, 2012

Dynamic Boy-Bill Madden-1942/1944

Here we see the same story twice. The first pages are from the original appearance in DYNAMIC COMICS in 1942, the corresponding page beneath it is from a reprint just two years on in MAJOR VICTORY. The main differences are in the coloring but note how that really does make a difference in the story. 



  1. I suppose the coloring in the reprint is
    technically more "correct", but I rather
    like the coloring in the original.

    Even though it's less "realistic" & sometimes
    slightly off-register, the color in the original
    gives the artwork a genuinely creepy feel,
    that really enhances the story of Dynamic
    Boy vs Hideous (werewolf, gorilla or whatever???).

    Either way it's a cute story, with fun
    artwork & an obscure G.A. hero.

    Thanks for posting the very interesting comparisons.

  2. I wonder how the reprint were effected, given Chesler's awful practice of destroying original art.

    I do appreciate that Dr Brown leapt into the fray instead of just spectating.