Monday, August 29, 2011

The Secret of the Box-Joe Shuster/Ray Osrin-1954

I thought I'd run this one before or seen it run elsewhere but I couldn't find it so...This late pre-code horror tale from Charlton is notable for several reasons. One, the nice (and seemingly Kubert-influenced!) art by SUPERMAN co-creator, Joe Shuster, here on the outs with National (and around the time of his infamous "under the counter" semi-comics). Also interesting is taht it's inked by Ray Osrin, a longtime journeyman inker who would go on to fame as a major editorial cartoonist starting in the mid-sixties and lasting into the 1990's. The third reason this story is so notable is its final, hilarity-inducing panel. It wasn't MEANT to be hilarity-inducing but that's what you get!

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