Friday, October 22, 2010

Frightful Frankenstein Friday!- Frankenstein Meets Boris Karload, Master of Horror-Dick Briefer-1947

For our contribution to FRIGHTFUL FRANKENSTEIN FRIDAY, here's one of Dick Briefer's FRANKENSTEIN stories from the silly period. It's an extra, not included in the new book DICK BRIEFER'S FRANKENSTEIN edited by Craig Yoe but it's a longtime favorite of mine in which the lovable version of the monster meets a caricatured Boris Karloff, the actor most associated with the role OF the monster! Interesting to note that as late as 1947, that was, in fact, the case since he had not actually appeared in a film as the creature since SON OF FRANKENSTEIN seven years earlier. In the meantime, Lugosi, Chaney and Glenn Strange had each played the role onscreen but it was still Karloff the public remembered. In this story the Karload character is mild-mannered, just as the real Boris had been in spite of his Hollywood image. GCD credits Archie writer Ed Goggin as co-writing this story with Briefer. If it looks familiar to you comics blog surfers, it may be that you saw it on COMICRAZYS at one time. Go there today and you can read yet another story featuring Dick Briefer's FRANKENSTEIN! See the full list of participating blogs below!

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