Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Pixies-1948

THE PIXIES ran 5 issues in the late 1940s and was a cute enough cartoon-like strip in and of itself but its main character, Pixie Pete, was also The Mighty Atom, a superhero! Here his costume is mostly red, perhaps after a request from DC since he was wearing Superman colors in the first issues.


Alberto said...

Hello Steve.

Tricksy Pixies (later retitled Trixie Pixies and The Pixies) appeared in Magazine Enterprises' Tick Tock Tales nos. 4-28 (April 1946 to January-February 1951). The art was provided by Jason Art Studio, but its main artists seem to have been John Gentilella and Larry Silverman.

This is one of the many, many strips which are dealt with in my forthcoming book from Theme Park Press, American Funny Animal Comics in the 20th Century - Volume Two. Volume One, by the way, has been available on Amazon since late April.


Booksteve said...

Hey, thanks, Alberto! I'm not sure I knew that the series originated in TOCK TOCK TALES. I could've sworn I had that series at one point but I did not have it now. Just downloaded it from the Digital Comics Museum.

As far as your most recent book, how did I not know of this? I am, of course, familiar with your Disney reputation (and, in fact, mentioned you by name last week in reference to the recent DONALD DUCK strips volume) but I had not even heard of your funny animals volumes. Any chance I could get a review PDF? After our recent weather issues, we are broke as usual but I'd love to spread the word about your book via my FORCES OF GEEK review column.

Alberto said...


To have a look inside my American Funny Animal Comics books, check out at the following links:


If you could review the books somehow, I'd be grateful.

Thanks, and all the best,