Sunday, November 11, 2018

Bugs Bunny Featuring Bunny and Claude-Phil De Lara-1969

This past week marked the 50th anniversary of the last-debuting original Looney Tunes characters, Bunny & Claude. Oddly inspired by the ultra-violent hit movie of the mid-1960s, BONNIE & CLYDE, Bunny & Claude got exactly two cartoons, with Larry Storch the main voice actor (replacing Mel Blanc for the weak last run for WB animation). As near as I can tell, this was the couple's only comic book appearance.


top_cat_james said...

Huh? Blanc provides multiple voices in both of the B & C cartoons. Sure you're not thinking of Cool Cat?

Enjoyed the comic, thanks.

Booksteve said...

You're correct, of course, TC. Been a while since I've seen them. I was relying on a comment someone had made earlier on Facebook which inspired my post here. Thanks!