Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Last Laugh-Frank Robbins-1974

I have long had a love/hate thing going with regards to the work of Frank Robbins. This one--another from Mr. Skeates-- I love. I do, however, question how he got his surprisingly sexy depiction of the female character on the final pages past the Comics Code.

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バーンズ エリック said...

She's definitely got Richard Corben dimensions.

I don't see as how the Comics Code could complain about the last few pages but not the first: she's clearly naked under the--ahem--'cover-alls'.

I was a little kid in the seventies, and apparently unlike most people, I've always loved Frank Robbins art. My oldest brother had a HUMAN FLY issue with Daredevil & the White Tiger that I used to gawk at. I had an issue of THE INVADERS with Bucky in a Japanese internment camp that also fascinated me.

A lot of people also seem to dislike Kirby's work from the same period, but I loved that, too. I had THE ETERNALS annual, a CAPTAIN AMERICA issue with Arnmin Zola & Doughboy, and the last issue of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY before the introduction of X-51.

A whole bunch of comics--happily--seared into my childhood memory.

I also especially liked the previous PLOP & Kirby posts and the Al Hartley one as well, by the way.