Thursday, August 2, 2018

It Happens Every Day-Pete Costanza-1965

The American Comics Group lasted about two full decades and offered up some very entertaining stories and art, all in a recognizably unique house style, and yet today they're a trivia question a few steps down from Charlton. Here's a fun Silver Age story from them, drawn by veteran Captan Marvel  (and soon Jimmy Olsen) artist, Pete Costanza. 


The Silver Fox said...

Typical ACG title, giving away the punchline! I enjoyed ACG books growing up, especially Herbie, of course. I was even young enough to like Magicman and Nemesis. And "Lafcadio Lee" was a Richard Hughes pseudonym I didn't recall from that era.

バーンズ エリック said...

The ACG stuff can be wild rides. I'm sure Richard Hughes was churning it out as fast as possible, but he was imaginative. Their comics find more context from movies than other comics. Think THE INCREDIBLE MR. LIMPET. Man fantasizes being a fish, becomes a fish, finds new love, battles the Nazis. I can easily see that in an ACG anthology... and in 6 to 8 pages or so.

On a different note, the art--& pacing--kinda remind me of Rick Veitch. I wonder if he was a fan... and what kind of dreams Richard Hughes had.