Thursday, January 12, 2017

Magno and davey-Super Mystery Comics-1942

Sadly, creepy clowns are trending and none were creepier than Magno's almost monthly enemy, the Clown, seen here returning for the umpteenth time. This was one of the better Golden Age series in my opinion but Magno and partner Davey really needed to meet more new people.


Unknown said...

I used to like these stories but never paid attention to the art as a child. I was wondering who the artist was on this story? To me, the perspective was pretty bad, especially on the bottom right of page 3 and the tunnel on page 11. I don't like how the characters were drawn in motion. Just my opinion and the artist could have turned out one of the best. :)

Will Byron said...

Steve, I think this was a delight and wonderfully executed. Was this a Nedor title?

Booksteve said...

No, SUPER-MYSTERY COMICS was pretty much the flagship title for the Ace Comics line.