Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fast Willie Jackson-1976

FAST WILLIE JACKSON is remembered as a black version of Archie but while the art certainly gives that impression, the story and the "gags" here certainly do not. Note the character "Jo-Jo" who seems to be a pretty definite rip-off of the popular JJ character from TV's GOOD TIMES which premiered in '74.

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Anonymous said...

The GCD lists the art as being by Gus LeMoine, who was one of Archie's house artists, thus the art looking alike to the Archie style. Lettering's by Archie's in-house letterer Bill "Saburo" Yoshida, which also contributes to the Archie-ish look of this story.

PS: Speaking of Archie, could you post "The Specialty" from Pep #342, only because it has an art style that's unlike anything else I have in my Archie collection.