Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Last Train-Jerry Grandenetti-1975

There was a time when one would be hard pressed to tell Grandenetti art from Will Eisner art, By the '70s, though, Jerry had developed into quite the stylist. At the time, that style escaped me, but through the years, I've come to appreciate it.


Billy said...

I love his work from this period with those big, paranoid eyes. It has a great ending too. I was about to be disappointed until I got to that revelation in the penultimate panel. It turns out that transient respite of hope is key. Thanks for sharing.

Dale said...

I didn't used to care for JG either. Now decades later,I love his work. guess I was a dumb kid.

Unknown said...

One of the most impressive and visionary artist of all! WE ALL LOVE J.G.!!!