Saturday, June 25, 2016

Underwater-Howard Nostrand-1956

Far too often, Howard Nostrand is written off as an imitator of Wood or Davis. I like to think of him more as a student of their work. How can one look at a story like this, for example, and not find it just stunningly gorgeous?


haydn said...

Kudos as well to the colorist for some atmospheric enhancing of Nostrand's fine artwork!

drivingovercanaan said...

I'll second Haydn's note on the color. While there is unmistakable Davis and Powell influence here, Nostrand is very much his own man...the Davis bent is stronger in his humor material than in the 'straight' stories like this one. I'd love to see a collection. Craig Yoe, Fantagraphics, IDW?

Booksteve said...

Craig's already published one volume--NOSTRAND'S NIGHTMARES!