Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Astron, Crocodile Queen-1943

No real info on this one at all but it's an interesting read with some interesting artwork. Enjoy!

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Wow. A lot of interesting backstory I hear from jake Oster. Thanks, Jake!

The art on "Astron, Crocodile Queen" was by Charles M. Payne (1873-1964). Payne was active/lived in Pennsylvania, California, New York. Charles M. Payne is known for cartoon drawing.

Born in Pennsylvania in 1873, Payne was a professional cartoonist before the turn of the century. By 1910 he had settled in Los Angeles and had his cartoons in syndicated papers. His "S'Matter, Pop?" ran from 1910-1940.

After 1941 he did comic books for Street & Smith while living in NYC in near poverty. He died there in 1964 as the result of a mugging. Source: Artists in California 1786-1940 by Edan Hughes. –

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