Monday, February 29, 2016

Love Starved-Chic Stone-1969

Classic Kirby inker Chic Stone took a break from drawing ultra-gory black and white horror comics for Eerie Publications to do this body shaming "romance" tale, well-drawn but with a questionable message.


rnigma said...

Compare it with this DC story (and its Charlton swipe):

Darci said...

Wow, that's an interesting comparison of 1972's Girls' Love Stories #165 and 1979's Secret Romance #44! What they fail to comment on is that Julie, at 172 lb and 65 lb overweight, is 60% overweight. I wonder how much Metropolitan Life's tables would list she was shortening her life?

The more interesting topic (to me) in Teen-In #3 was that once Judy was "in" she found the crowd wasn't as great as she'd thought. I was glad she stuck with Mike.