Friday, September 20, 2013

Popeye-Bud Sagendorf-1950

Yoe Books and IDW are currently reprinting Bud Sagendorf's POPEYE comic books in facsimile edition comics and later in hardcover collections. After a recent cancellation scare, it looks like the series will be continuing! The 2nd hardcover collection is in stores this week! It's not Segar but Bud established his own reality for the one-eyed, spinach-eating sailor and it was and is lots of fun!


Rip Jagger said...


I didn't hear anything about this wonderful series getting cancelled. I'm glad that's abated for now. This is the one comic book series I gleefully look forward to month in and month out. Just picked up the latest issue with the gorgeous train cover, an image I've coveted for years.

I hope they keep this one going for a long while, but know I'll be supporting it right along.

Rip Off

Daniel [] said...

Okay, now, uhm, 12:8 (ie the final panel of 15.jpg), where are Popeye's arms, and where are his legs?

Richard Ranke said...

Sagendorf was assistant to E.C.Segar,the creator of Popeye, from 1931 to 1938(Segar's death-year). He wrote and drew the Popeye comic strip for years as well as did the original Popeye comic books from 1946 to 1967.