Monday, May 2, 2011

The Scarlet Avenger-Irv Novick-1940

Here we have an exciting early adventure of the Scarlet Avenger drawn and signed by Irving M. Novick. Note that this is not National's CRIMSON Avenger but MLJ's SCARLET Avenger. No relation. Irv Novick was associated with various MLJ characters during the War years, drifted largely into war comics in the Post-War years and ended up returning to superheroes in the sixties and seventies as one of DC's main artists on characters such as Wonder Woman, Batman and the Flash.


Piperson said...

AMAZING! I love it! Thanks so much for posting! Are these from your personal collection?

Booksteve said...

I wish they were from my collection. For the most part they're scans I find online that I find interesting either for the art, the characters or the stories...and I figure that some of you might find them interesting, too!