Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 Husbands-Fred Guardineer-1951

One of the first Golden Age artists I ever learned about was Fred Guardineer, profiled in an early seventies fanzine. His art was stiff and often clearly traced from photographs but all that gives it an unusual style that works well in this movie adaptation. 3 HUSBANDS was a 1951 comedy about a ghost helping save the marriages of his friends from the afterlife. The stars were Eve Arden, OUR MISS BROOKS on radio and television, the great Howard DaSilva--soon to be blacklisted for being a communist--and, in a smaller role, Louise Erickson, one of several actresses who portrayed Marjorie on radio's THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (and whom I enjoyed performing with in a re-creation of a GILDERSLEEVE script in 1991).

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sdestefano said...

This is a treat, Steve. Not just because it's a cool movie adaptation, but because Guardineer is one of my golden age favorites. Thanks!