Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Donny the Dreamer-Supersnipe-1948

Okay, so it's a knockoff of LITTLE NEMO IN SLUMBERLAND...but WHAT a knockoff! GCD professes ignorance to this wonderful cartoonist's identity but I'm sure someone out there more familiar than I with the Golden Age can recognize this highly stylized illustrator. Note that each page presents the exact same layout. The borders between the panels act as de facto arrows pointing the reader's eye where it needs to go to follow the tale. I'm impressed. Who are you Mystery Artist # 17?

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Martin OHearn said...

Steve, this is Jack Farr, who did a lot of humor strips like Super Sleuth McFooey and Three Ring Binks for DC. His distinctive title lettering jumps right out before you even look closely at the art.