Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black Diamond-Dick Rockwell-1952

THE BIG BLOG OF KIDS COMICS just ran an impressive Dick Rockwell story and it made me want to see what Rockwell stories I might be able to run here, also. Apparently a relative of the great illustrator and painter, Norman Rockwell, Dick was the longtime assistant to Milton Caniff on STEVE CANYON. As you can easily see here, his fifties solo work in comics was certainly a cut above that of the average comic book artist, even if Lev Gleason's BLACK DIAMOND was little more than one of many LONE RANGER knock-offs!

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Terry Beatty said...

That's a particularly sweet art job from Dick (Norman's nephew, if I recall correctly). I actually worked with him on a WILD DOG chapter or two for ACTION COMICS WEEKLY. He finished pencils from my layouts -- or was supposed to -- he ignored them mostly and just did his own thing. The end result wasn't as nice as these pages.