Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Scarlet Sentry-Hello, Pal!-1943

Here's an interesting one. This story, in spite of its lack of a logo, features the Harvey hero, the Scarlet Sentry, and comes from the 2nd issue of HELLO, PAL! from 1943. The thing is, GCD says that the character's only appearance was in YANKEE COMICS. No idea who does the art chores here but whomever it is they seem to have done a thorough study on the pre-war style of Will Eisner! According to net sources, our hero is not actually Canadian but, in fact, an Ohio State football player who dons a mail-order bullet-proof mountie uniform in order to fight crime. Ummm....sure. Right. Impersonating an officer, anyone? Oh, Dudley!

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