Friday, July 9, 2010

Funnyman-Siegel & Shuster-1948

I'n on record as greatly admiring Jerry Siegel's plotting while feeling his dialogue was often more overwritten than Stan Lee's. FUNNYMAN, seen here, was Jerry's attempt at a second lightning strike with childhood pal and SUPERMAN co-creator, Joe Shuster. There's a reason they say lightning doesn't strike twice. The character's main problem was that he was obnoxious rather than funny. The best thing about the short-lived series was Shuster's art. Even though his eye problems had already begun the work seen here, aided and abetted by others including a young Dick Ayers (noticeable on this one unless I miss my guess), was quite lovely! Makes you wonder where his talents would have taken him in better circumstances.


Duy Tano said...

This is GOLD, sir! Is Funnyman now in public domain?

Booksteve said...

It's my understanding, yes, but if you're thinking of reprinting them in book form, see here for a just released volume of same.

Richard Ranke said...

One time just for the heck of it I bought Funnyman # 1 from a private dealer. I had read that Funnyman had folded within a year and understood why after reading the comic book.(Chuckle!)