Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jasper and the Scarecrow-Puppetoons-1947

With the usual caveats of our more enlightened age, here's Jasper from GEORGE PAL'S PUPPETOONS. The stop motion Puppetoons theatrical shorts were enormously popular and during the war years many of them starred the unintentionally politically incorrect, borderline (?) racist little boy character who was said to have even then been controversial. Fawcett's comic book series coincided with that run and thus Jasper translated. So take it in context. On one level it really is an enjoyable, well-drawn story. On another, one marvels at how they could ever really have done this type of thing! Around the time of this issue, producer George Pal began concentrating on feature films and the Puppetoons faded into memory. Pal's last film would be DOC SAVAGE in the mid-seventies!

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Mr. Karswell said...

I love the old Jasper films... the dollar DVD company I used to art direct for put a bunch of them out in our cartoon compilations, they were fun to work on. I've never seen a comic book version of Jasper, this is cool!