Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Talking Toad/The Gadget Man/Click Rush-1940

This series is known by several names depending on where one looks. No matter which one you prefer, it has to be one of the flat out oddest comics stories I've ever seen...and I think we all know I've seen some pretty odd comic stories. 


RickH said...

Please, please, post this whole series. I mean, WTF? So weird it's great! Lol!

Wm Byron said...

what in the WORLD! looks like Golden Age Walt Simonson art or something

バーンズ エリック said...

That story is just barely coherent, but I like the art. It reminds of getting the reprint of FLASH COMICS #1 and not thinking much of it until I got to the Ed Wheelan story 'The Demon Dummy' and 'The Whip' illustrated by George Storm. Those I thought were great, and the art here has a familial resemblance to them. The drawing style, I mean, because the pacing is pretty bad here. Simply too much is happening between too many panels. But, again, the art is fetching. Especially the toad.