Thursday, June 29, 2017

Wildcat-Joe Gallagher-1945

When I first encountered Wildcat, he was being drawn to look as much like Batman as possible. He also teamed with Batman endlessly in B&B which flummoxed young me because Wildcat was supposedly on Earth TWO! Well, here he is in his glory days, complete with requisite goofy sidekick that all the AA characters (and some of the DC ones, too) had!

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drivingovercanaan said...

Always happy to see a WILDCAT post. He's one of my favorite heroes of any comics age and one of the most overlooked. Irwin Hasen was his first and best artist...Joe Kubert, Bernard Krigstein and Mort Meskin all had a go at him for an issue or two and acquitted themselves did Gil Kane for a longer run. Joe Gallegher here isn't bad. DC has under-utilized Wildcat over the many years...only Bob Haney brought him in as a guest star, in BRAVE AND THE BOLD, for four issues. Great character, limited by his lack of superhuman abilities, but to a good writer, that means only that Wildcat lives in a more down-to-earth landscape than most of the DC heroes.