Friday, June 16, 2017

Katy Keene-Don Sherwood/Vince Colletta-1985

Here's a strip from the big Katy Keene revival in the '80s that is almost remarkably pointless. It isn't funny, it isn't particularly fashion-conscious, it has oddly UN-Katy like art by two men notorious for their comics art shortcuts and what's with that creepy panel in the middle of the last page???

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Darci said...

I think the panel in the middle of the last page is supposed to parallel the last panel on page 3. Herman thinks he's escorting Katie to the cab, but it turns out he's got the wrong girl (this one has crossed eyes and a gap between her front teeth).
I've no idea what was going on in this script. Were these two people just coincidences? Did going to the horror movie distract them so they had so many mistaken identities? Was the popcorn sprinkled with peyote dust?