Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Flame-1941

GCD question marks this as being Lou Fine but I am really just not seeing it. Maybe very, very early Fine but I'm pretty sure he was already doing sharper stuff than this by this time.  

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Unknown said...

No matter how many times you show it (and thanks again for doing so) I just can’t get over the vast difference between the pre war (‘41 and before comics) and those from the post war (1946 on) period.
We need a scholarly type to write a paper on the reasons – was it a change in the authors and artists or a change in the audience.
The case could be made for either. New artists and authors that were brought in to replace those that had been drafted or been transferred to “War Work” – read propaganda for the home front.
On the other hand a comic book was small enough to slip into a pack and the stories were short enough to be read in a fox hole. They were introduced to a new audience that remembered them after they were de-mobilized.
That audience might also explain why comics took on a more adult tone that led to the Comic Book Authority.