Monday, November 7, 2016

Canadian Captain Marvel-1942/1972

Back in the early '70s, just as I was discovering a certain Big Red Cheese via Steranko's history and DC's reprints and new stories, THE BUYERS GUIDE FOR COMIC FANDOM (TBG) began a series of reprints of black and white Canadian Marvel stories that had never been printed in the US (although some used the same scripts as stories that had). I dutifully clipped them out for posterity but sadly some of the pages haven't kept so well.

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Darci said...

Hi Steve,
The original story "The Lie Detector", is from Captain Marvel Adventures #23 (April 1943). Anglo-American's version may be Captain Marvel Comics V2#9 (Sept 1943)? It isn't indexed at the GCD (yet).
I wonder if you could mail that coupon and the Canadian Post Office could get it to Captain Marvel? I thought only Santa had an address like that.