Monday, March 7, 2016

Bewitched-Henry Scarpelli-1967

Here's another long one but it seemed a likely choice as it features our old friends Darrin and Samantha time traveling the the far off 21st Century (ahem) and getting involved with a potential dictator running for office. Seemed surprisingly timely. Obviously some photo reference was used here but it seems more successful on Darrin than on Samantha...sadly. Oh! The Batmobile makes a sort of cameo as well!


Whiplash said...

Looks like Henry Scarpelli got some "help" from Tony Tallarico, one of my least-favourite artists of the Sixties. The Wikipedia entry on Tallarico (which is mostly taken from Lambiek) indicates Tallarico did work on this series.

Booksteve said...

At first glance, I thought it WAS Tallarico but I compared to some signed Scarpelli and I can see it. Take another look at some of Tallarico's stuff (almost always done with Bill Fracio) that we've posted here previously. I used to hate his stuff, too, but now I consider him quite the stylist. I recently transcribed an interview with him.