Thursday, January 14, 2016

Radio Squad-Louis and Arturo Cazanueve-1942

RADIO SQUAD was one of Jerry Siegel's pre-Superman series that outlasted its own author's run on it, here written--according to GCD but with a question mark--by Joe Samachson and illustrated by the Cazanueve brothers. The visual look of the villain here may (or may not) have been an influence on Dave Gibbons' villain in the now-classic BRAVE & THE BOLD # 200.


rnigma said...

I guess "Radio Squad" was inspired by the "Radio Patrol" comic strip, the same way "Slam Bradley" was inspired by "Captain Easy."

MFM said...

Often it would seem that the early comic book industry euphemistically was "inspired" by other media. And it didn't take long for publishers to start being "inspired" by each other! National v. Fawcett comes to mind.