Monday, January 25, 2016

Bombshell-Norman Maurer-1942

This pint size proto-Son of Vulcan is actually, "Bombshell, Son of War," illustrated by the great Norman Maurer, whose career in comics might be better remembered if he hadn't left the field for a couple decades to manage the career of his son-in-law Moe Howard and the 3 Stooges!


MFM said...

Wasn't Mauer actually Moe's son-in-law?

Booksteve said...

Hah! Yes, of course! I had the pleasure of interviewing Joan Howard Maurer about Norman for Yoe Books' AMAZING 3-D volume a few years back. Thanks!

top_cat_james said...

You also overlooked that he drew 3 Stooges comics during that time!