Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mouse Musketeers-Lynn Karp-1959

Not the Mouseketeers, the Musketeers or even the Mesquiteers, here we have the Mouse Musketeers, loosely inspired by the popular Tom and Jerry cartoon with Tuffy--"Touché, M. Poosycat!"It was popular enough to merit its own title for nearly three years! Artist Lynn Karp had two brothers who were comics writers! He had worked as a Disney animator early on. This was getting near the end of his prolific funny animal/licensed character-related comics career.

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Unknown said...

You got the title wrong, It's called "Touche, Pussy Cat!" and it was released December 18, 1954. It's the sequel to the 1951 Oscar-Winning "The Two Mouseketeers", and the second of the four cartoons featuring Tom & Jerry as musketeers (The others are "Tom and Cherie" [1955] and "Royal Cat Nap" [1958]).