Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dr. Fate-Chet Kozlak-1944

When I first met the JSA back in 1966, Dr. Fate became an immediate favorite. I've always been fascinated by the odd decision in the character's original run to make the cool helmet into half a helmet, then lose the cape, the characterization and finally the magic! Here's the one where the latter happens.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Not to mention Inza's gone, too. She was always half of Doc's appeal until DC decided to completely skunk the works.

Sheesh. I suppose in ye olden days before the Internet and even Mylar bags they could get away with such things, but Nabu is reduced to a stereotypical dunce-cap elf-wizard leaving a message so baloneyesque Doc immediately dismisses it as indigestion and throws himself out the window. AND DOC SLEEPS IN THE HALF-HELMET. FACE DOWN EVEN. Ouch. That's probably even worse than sleeping in the full helmet.

Will Byron said...

Interestingly, with the half helmet, lack of cape, and purely physical powers, Doc Fate is not that dissimilar to THE GUARDIAN.