Monday, August 10, 2015

Stanley and His Monster-Win Mortimer-1967

This well-rememebered Silver Age series has a virtually inexplicable concept--a lisping 6 year old has a "pet" his parents don't know about who is actually a giant hairy monster named Massachusetts. The pair live with a green irish leprechaun, a green German troll and the ghost of Napoleon Bonaparte and Stanley's naiveté gets them in a lot of trouble sometimes. Rumor was that writer Arnold Drake named the strip after Stan Lee and HIS monster--the Hulk! One of my very favorite childhood strips.


Dr. Theda said...

An enjoyable post , good Sir

top_cat_james said...

The dad is a dead ringer for Dave Seville. (1950s-60s design).

Stanley? Stanley! STANLEEEEEY!

Richard Ranke said...

Interesting that you should print the Stanley and his Monster story from Fox & Crow # 108.The mag was retitled Stanley and his Monster and only had stories with them after that.Have you any of the four solo issues of Stanley and his Monster(109-112)?I sure haven't. They are hard to find.