Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Jester-Paul Gustavson-1941

One of the more prolific and consistently stylish artists of the Golden Age, the Finnish-born Gustavson did all types of strips for various different companies. It's surprising that his name hasn't resounded down the ages in the same breath as that of Lou Fine.


Al said...

Some nice looking pages, Steven. I may steal that splash page and post it on one of the many facebook groups I belong to. Keep it up.

Darci said...

Hi Steve,
Is this scan from a reprint (I was unaware there was a reprint of Smash Comics #23...) or did someone Photoshop it? The colors seem especially bright. Perhaps it's my PC's rendering?

Booksteve said...

Got it from the scan on DCM. I see what you mean, though. Wondering if some well-meaning scanner didn't overly "enhance" the color.