Saturday, July 25, 2015

Blackstone the Magician-Mike Sekowsky (?)-1948

Unlike other comic book magicians, Harry Blackstone was a real person. He first appeared as a magician-detective from EC and then went to Timely. In later years, his son would follow in his magical footsteps but become best known for popcorn commercials.

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Britt Reid said...

Before his EC and Timely titles, Blackstone was the star of Street & Smith's Super-Magic Comics, which became Super-Magician Comics as of the second issue.
It ran for several years until 1946, at which point Vital picked it up for three issues. EC did a single issue, then Timely took over, continuing the EC numbering for three more issues.
Kool trivia: Walter GIbson, creator of The Shadow, an accomplished magician in his own right, and a close friend of Blackstone, wrote all the Blackstone comic stories, no matter who the publisher was!
He also scripted the Blackstone the Magic Detective radio show, which served as the basis for the various comic book series!