Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Iron Skull-Carl Burgos-1939

Carl Burgos didn't work for Timely. He worked for the Lloyd Jaquet shop that turned out stories for multiple companies. One of those companies had a title called AMAZING MAN which, in fact, featured, Bill Everett, Paul Gustavson, and other artists whose work would be familiar to Timely comics fans. This is one of the series he created around the same time he had done the earliest HUMAN TORCH stories.

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Darci said...

Hi Steve,
This is the Iron Skull's third appearance. He was featured in Amazing Man Comics #s 5-11 (by Burgos), and then in 14-20 (by Sam Gilman). After one more appearance in #22, Al Bryant continued the feature in Stars and Stripes Comics #s 2-5. Sam Gilman returned for the last story, which was also the last issue. Jerry Bails doesn't list Al Bryant at the Jacquet studio.

The Skull didn't let "presumed innocent" get in his way, did he?