Monday, November 10, 2014

Jaguar-Jack Lane-1946

Looks like this was a one-shot superguy just as interest in same was starting to wane a bit. GCD says Jack lane was the writer (although it could be a house name) but doesn't speculate on the artist. Kind of looks familiar, though. Reminds me of early Jim Mooney in spots. Anyone care to weigh in?


Britt Reid said...

Like you, I thought Jaguar/Jaguar Man only appeared once.
But he made another appearance in Fox's All-Great Comics as shown here...
So that's two.
Note that Jaguar's secret identity in the other tale is named "Steve Lane", though still a zookeeper, and his partner is a black jaguar named Ebony.
Wonder if there's any more (and which one came first)?

Joseph Hinman (Metacrock) said...

I am no expert but I think early Mooney was not as cartoon-like as the offering we see here, Note the villains. I have not seen that much early Mooney but what I have seen is mostly for ACE and heroes like Lash Lightning. Still, I think his style was less cartoonish.