Saturday, November 15, 2014

Grit Grady, Adventurer-1941

The ever-helpful GCD offers the suggestion that this may--or may not--be the work of one Frank Frollo, an artist with whose work I am completely unfamiliar. Checking, I see that he did a lot for various companies in the 1940s but apparently it wasn't particularly memorable. I like the simplicity of this story and it's attention-grabbing smash.


The Silver Fox said...

Very intriguing style. Unique positioning of the figures. Thanks for sharing it.

Darci said...

Hi Steve,
I didn't notice until now, but look at that note about the next adventure. The trademark for Old Glory Comics had been secured by DC with an ashcan edition in 1941. The next appearance listed at the GCD is in Captain Aero Comics V1 #7.